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Emulators: (OMG Zsnes!)

Emulators! (OMG Zsnes!)

By far, the best emulator is ZSNES. Zsnes is also the fastest emulator of the SNES console. This wonderful emulator is made by zsKnight and _Demo_. This emulator has good sound and the ability to emulate super FX games such as Super Mario World II - Yoshi's Island. It is now able to emulate Starfox and Stunt Race FX with 3D objects (polygons). Zsnes has a very good GUI. I would recommend the windows port because is has compatibility with microsoft's directx software (DirectX 8.0 required to use windows port).

The latest version of ZSNES is 1.51 Beta. [ Windows | Dos | Linux ]

The Zsnes Homepage is at

Zsnes hasn't been updated in awhile and nightly builds are no longer available. If you want a more up to date emulator, check out SNES9x.

Other Emulators:


Another great emulator is SNES9x. It is currently being worked on and improved.

The latest version of SNES9x is 1.53

The SNES9x Homepage is

More SNES9x info and latest downloads can be found at