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Game Description: Top Gear 2
File Size:635100

Screenshots / Description

The sequal to Top Gear. Many hours of fun with this game. Graphics are much better and you also get to upgrade your racer as you go. Race in up to 16 countries. This game also has a password system so you can continue your game at a later time. Personally I simply use emulator save/load to save my game. NOTICE!!! 2 player mode now works!


London, Britain
(70.4 Kb)

Only 19th after 7 seconds?
(91.8 Kb)

A great view of Egypt
(39.5 Kb)

The Password Screen
Go ahead and try this password

(49.6 Kb)

Choose your gear wisely
(38.7 Kb)

Lovely the night time
(43.1 Kb)

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