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Have you ever wanted a way to play all those old retro games but can't find any working hardware and/or games?

Welcome to Doomhead's World of SNES Emulation! Here we can provide the tools needed to play those old games on the computer. Games can even run on mobile devices such as Android, iOS, or even your DS console.

To play games on the computer or other devices, 2 things are required:
1.) An Emulator - Emulators are special software programs that are able to translate the code on the game rom image to code the computer understands.
2.) Game Rom Image(s) - These are images of the game cartridge which contain the game's code and graphic resources.

Get ready to enjoy all those old retro games in better than original quality!


8/28/2016 By Doomhead.

Our database was down again. Again, the database has been repaired and is back online.

6/16/2015 By Doomhead.

Our database was down for some time. After further investigation, the database has been repaired and is back online.

9/15/2013 By Doomhead.

NOW OPEN! Nintendo DS Rom Downloads! The other day, I was trying to find a rom download for Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing for the DS. I could not find a single download link that didn't require some sort of download server bull crap (this included but not limited to: paying for premium download service, taking a survey, file not found...) So... I decided to dump the rom myself. Tested ok in my flash cart, but did not work that great in the DS emulator.

Look for more DS roms to be added to our library in the near future.

7/5/2013 By Doomhead.

Great News! We have aquired more bandwidth and have raised the download cap ten fold for everybody. You can now download up to 60 Mb/day. Happy downloading!

11/28/2012 By Doomhead.

Our guestbook is fixed! Please be sure to sign our guestbook on your way out.

5/13/2012 By Doomhead.

Our Apologies!

We have discovered a problem with one of our rom files. There was an error with entering one of the roms into our database. The affected rom entry, Dragon Quest 5, has been re-entered and the download will now work.

We have also located a rom that is appropriately named for our site. DOOM! is now available for download.

1/16/2012 By Doomhead.

Doomhead's World of SNES Emulation version 3.0 is now online! Look for our rom library to grow within the next few days.

We found a problem with our top 10 downloads section that occured when there were not enough downloads made within the last 30 days. This has been fixed now so when there are less than 10 unique rom titles downloaded within the last 30 days, they will now display properly

12/9/2011 By Doomhead.

Today we re-wrote the top 10 downloads page.

Before, the top 10 downloads page would display all-time downloads only. We felt that this would not accurately depict the most popular downloads when we add new roms, so we did something about that. Our new Top 10 page will compile results from the last 30 days and display the top 10 downloads based on the last 30 days worth of downloads.

Of course to save server processing time, we set up the Top 10 page to rebuild every day instead of provding live data.

12/8/2011 By Doomhead.

Today we worked on the ad units and ad placements

I found this wonderful little sniplet of code that allows the ad unit on the left to remain static as the page is scrolled. Now I don't need to insert ad units every few letters on the rom page.

And of course, we have a few more new roms for your enjoyment

12/1/2011 By Doomhead.

We have finished with the download limit part of the coding. Features/limitations of the download limit are as follows:

  • Limit is tracked by unique IP address.
  • Limit is set to 6 Mb per 24 hour period.
  • When a download attempt has failed, you can bypass the limit and try to download the same rom again.
  • Your download limit information is displayed on the roms page for convinence.

We have reworked the "new" roms icon. Before it would always display if download count was less than 50. Now it will display the "new" icon for a peroid of 60 days from the date the rom was added.

11/20/2011 By Doomhead.

We currently have a limited selection of roms up and available for download here on the new site.

Please Check back often for new content, site features, and roms.

11/19/2011 By Doomhead.

Along with the redesign of the rom database, I am completely redesigning the site to use current HTML5 and CSS3 Standards.

If you wish to see this site in all it's glory, make sure you are using an up to date browser. (This would be IE9+, Safari 5+, Firefox, Opera 10.1+, and Google Chrome 5+)

11/16/2011 By Doomhead.

Not so good news everybody!

Our server died on 11/14/2011 (RIP) so roms are currently offline. I'm just glad I was able to recover this much.

I haven't had much time to update this website so it may be awhile before I can get any roms back online. Until then, Feel free to use the Google search box to the left to find what you are looking for.